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Fireworks Displays

are a guaranteed drawcard at all special events including festivals, fetes, fairs and promotions.

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Fireworks Displays

will dazzle your audience with a brilliantly choreographed display of light, sound and colour.

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will be spellbound by the sheer spectacle of a professionally designed Fireworks display.

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Fireworks Displays

Australia-wide directory of Fireworks Pyrotechnics

Simply magnificent! There's no other way to describe a breathtaking fireworks display, as the skies are brought to life with a wonderful combination of colour & sound. With a myriad of different effects available, each Fireworks display can be designed to create a magical experience whatever the celebration.

This website is a directory of fireworks pyrotechnicians in Australia. If your organisation is planning a Special Event in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, or Tasmania, please click on the associate link for your state, which will direct you to a reputable operator who services your area.

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Services and Suppliers

For those planning to hold a Fete, Fair, Festival or Special Event, the Services and Suppliers directory may be of assistance. From Sideshow Games to Fireworks Displays; Amusement Rides to Stage Hire; Laser Skirmish to Rock Climbing Walls - links to a wide range of industry related services are easily located on this web page.

DISCLAIMER: The administrators of this web page gives no warranty as to abilities of fireworks pyrotechnics, insurance of fireworks pyrotechnics and the accuracy of the information contained on this/or their website/facebook page. Each individual is encourage to make their own enquiries with whichever fireworks pyrotechnic they choose.

Types of Fireworks Displays


No other form of entertainment can match the beauty, spectacle, power, mystery, and visual impact of a Fireworks Display. It's no surprise that so many of our National Events, including Australia Day Celebrations and New Years Eve, traditionally end with a magnificent Fireworks display


Fireworks displays have been an essential feature of community celebrations world-wide, for hundreds of years. Fireworks remain as popular today, as they always have been, providing a spectacular finale to all community events including Fetes, Fairs, Festivals, Shows and Carnivals.


Close Proximity Pyrotechnics and Indoor Fireworks Displays can be used to great effect in a variety of applications including Sporting Stadiums, Theatres, Nightclubs and Weddings. Indoor fireworks differ from other fireworks because they are specifically designed for close proximity use.


Whether you are entertaining clients, sponsoring an event, or launching your latest product; a tailor-made Fireworks display can be designed that suits the conditions of the site, the nature of the event, and the budget available.

Fireworks Misconceptions

If you are looking to book a Fireworks Display for the first time, there are a number of misconceptions to be considered before organising your event:


WRONG! Quality wins over quantity every time. A reasonable quantity of top quality fireworks will entertain a crowd far more than double the number of ordinary fireworks.


WRONG! A first-class Fireworks display lasting 5-10 minutes will be more than enough to entertain an audience ranging in size from a Private Party, to a Community Festival. Extended displays working from the same budget will only result in a loss of effect, momentum, enjoyment, and overall impact of the display.


WRONG! Big Rockets are fine providing there is sufficient open space for the Rockets to fall, the crowd has clear visibility of the complete Fireworks area, and the budget can handle the cost of 10 or so minutes of high-price Rockets. Considering the more economical small to medium sized Fireworks last 4-5 times longer than the large Rockets, the best displays feature a variety of fireworks sizes and styles. They gradually build from start to finish, with the "big guns" coming out in the grand finale.


WRONG! Contrary to popular belief, Fireworks Displays can proceed in wet weather, providing the necessary precautions are taken when setting up. Whilst rain may not have a detrimental effect on the Fireworks display itself, you may find the audience starts thinning out if the wet weather sets in for a lengthy period.



Strong wind, rather than rain, is actually the most dangerous weather condition you may be faced with. Two factors come into play; wind strength and wind direction. A Fireworks Display should not proceed if there is a risk of Fireworks debris being carried over the audience.

Fireworks Display Sequence

A Fireworks Display can be generally divided into three basic sections:


The introduction to a display can commence either with a loud opening, which has the advantage of gaining the audience attention, or by starting slowly and building up the display gradually.


This is the main segment of your display, which should feature a wide variety of effects, regularly rotated to maintain the interest of the audience. Some displays build up the tempo...have a quiet section...then build up again, while other displays have a steady increase in pace throughout.


A spectacular finale to the display is vital. This is where we see the big rockets, explosions of colour, and awesome light effects. The final Rocket is usually the biggest of them all, signalling the end to a magnificent show.

Planning Your Display

Now that a decision has been made to proceed with a Fireworks display, there are certain steps that need to be taken during the planning phase of the event:


Most outdoor Fireworks Displays will require a Safety Perimeter to be established around the actual Fireworks. The perimeter must be cordoned off, with no public access during the display. This may be a determining factor in the location of your display, as the area required will be quite large, depending on the local Council regulations. Your Fireworks Display Company will offer a obligation free site inspection, with advice as to the best location for the display.


A permit will be required from most local Councils for a Fireworks Display. Depending on the location and size of the display, the permit may take several months to be finalised, so start the planning stage well before the date of the event. Certain documentation may be be required for the Permit Application, including the Pyrotechnics License and Insurance details, along with a general Site Plan of the display.


In general, the larger the budget, the bigger the display. Most school, small festival, and corporate Fireworks displays cost between $1,600 and $2,500. At the other end of the scale, major displays range in cost from $10,000 to $40,000.


Approach a number of reputable Fireworks Pyrotechnicians in your area requesting a quote. Advise each company of your budget, along with the type of event, location and audience. Ensure a detailed proposal is received including:

  • * Duration of the display
  • * Types & colours of Fireworks used
  • * Are the Fireworks choreographed to music?
  • * What are the choices of music?
  • * Total Cost of the Display including GST?
  • * When is a deposit due? When is the balance due?
  • * What are the financial implications if the event is cancelled due to wet weather?
  • * What are the financial implications if the fireworks are cancelled due to strong wind?
  • * A list of regular events the company attends along with referrals

Fireworks Display Checklist

All the boxes that need to be ticked:

  • * Have you selected an appropriately licensed Pyrotechnician for the display?
  • * Do you have a copy of the Pyrotechnician's Public Liability Insurance Policy?
  • * Have you applied for and received the relevant council/government permits?
  • * Will a safe perimeter be established and secured once the fireworks arrive on site?
  • * Is there crowd control available to ensure the public do not enter the safe perimeter?
  • * Are there any gaps in the fireworks schedule?